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About the TAT-14 Cable Network

The TAT-14 transatlantic cable system is in full service, connecting the United States to the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark by 10 Gbs Direct Wave Access (DWA) or STM-16, STM-4, and STM-1 interfaces.

The cable system is comprised of four fiber pairs configured for 47 x 10Gbs DWDM channels of which 10 are utilized for dual, bi-directional SDH rings.

TAT-14 has a total design capacity or 3.2Tbs calculated as:

2 (North & South Routes) x 4 Fiber Pair x 40 10Gbs channels
Total = 3.2 Tbs

TAT-14 has a total system capacity of 1.87Tbs calculated as:

Southern route: 41 x 10Gbs channels + 640 Gbs SDH capacity
Northern route: 18 x 10Gbs channels + 640 Gbs SDH capacity
Total = 1.87 Tbs

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